We deeply believe that people -and their knowledge- are the most valuable resources for an organization.

We strive to help teams better structure knowledge and learn faster. We want to provide them with tools that will empower them to accomplish amazing things and improve the world we live in.

We’re drowning in an ocean of information overload. The way we work is broken. There has to be a better way.

We started using the internet to connect through email and instant messaging platforms. Then came Facebook and other social networks to help us share information in real time. Now, enterprise social networks are trying to bring the social revolution into businesses—but in reality they deliver a lot of noise that doesn’t assist long-term productivity.

Paradoxically, people rarely share what they know with each other, and knowledge stays forever locked in documents, email inboxes or in people’s heads. Employees come and go, teams move on and critical knowledge is lost without ever being passed on or shared. Businesses waste precious time and resources having to “relearn” what they already know.

This is exactly what our co-founders, Martin and Albert, experienced on a daily basis with their teams. Important information would not always make its way to the right people, as teams had a tendency to work in silos. It hampered productivity and threatened growth. Frustrated by such an inefficient process, they decided to build a product that would improve team workflow and transform knowledge sharing within the organization.

At Crowdbase, we believe enterprise social networks and knowledge management should be reinvented to make businesses better. And that’s why we’re building a platform with our own blend of algorithms and technologies: because we are convinced that armed with the right knowledge, people can do extraordinary things.

Meet the team

Meet the people who are passionate about improving the way teams learn and ensuring Crowdbase stays true to its vision. Don’t be shy, say hello!

Albert Dang-Vu


Julien Gobeil Simard


Pascal Hamel



  • Martin Gagnon


  • Éric Bouchard

    VP User Experience

  • Jean-Marc De Jonghe

    VP Digital Products
    La Presse

  • Claude-Guy Quimper

    Research Professor
    Université Laval


Four things we are passionate about

  • Happy customers - providing great customer service everytime

  • Constantly improving our product to provide our users with the best experience yet

  • Helping others get better at their jobs, achieve their goals, and do more of what they love

  • Making a positive impact on the world we live in

We’re looking for passionate, friendly
and solution-driven people.

Always felt you could do more with your skills? Want to join a spirited, close-knit team with huge ambitions and have a real impact on the projects you’re working on? At Crowdbase, we believe great people have the power to make a difference. We’re looking for passionate and friendly A-players to build the most exceptional team, the best workplace and a better world.

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